Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Awesome Black Friday!!!

      So today I woke up around 3am to drive to get my bff & her sister and drove out to our selected store. I didn't want to get trampled in the malls so I chose a secluded Urban Outfitters. I chose it because I love going into that store, but on my current budget their prices just weren't working for me! So when I heard that the store opened at 5am and their was 50% off sale prices I went crazy! We also went to QuickCheck to get free coffee as well. We got an awesome parking spot right IN FRONT OF THE STORE! We were the first in line and the first in the store can you believe it!
     Here are my purchases w/ their original/sale/discounted prices:
Turquoise Button Down: $39/$19.99/$9.99
Grey Dress Shorts: $48/$29.99/$14.99

Nail Polish Set: $20/$4.99/$2.49

Black Stockings: $14/$4.99/$2.49

Tan Wedges:$99/$29.99/$14.99

        To add on top of that the Iphone 4s I ordered on Wed came in today and let's just say I can't put it down!!!!
                  Team Iphone 4EVER

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