Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Awesome Black Friday!!!

      So today I woke up around 3am to drive to get my bff & her sister and drove out to our selected store. I didn't want to get trampled in the malls so I chose a secluded Urban Outfitters. I chose it because I love going into that store, but on my current budget their prices just weren't working for me! So when I heard that the store opened at 5am and their was 50% off sale prices I went crazy! We also went to QuickCheck to get free coffee as well. We got an awesome parking spot right IN FRONT OF THE STORE! We were the first in line and the first in the store can you believe it!
     Here are my purchases w/ their original/sale/discounted prices:
Turquoise Button Down: $39/$19.99/$9.99
Grey Dress Shorts: $48/$29.99/$14.99

Nail Polish Set: $20/$4.99/$2.49

Black Stockings: $14/$4.99/$2.49

Tan Wedges:$99/$29.99/$14.99

        To add on top of that the Iphone 4s I ordered on Wed came in today and let's just say I can't put it down!!!!
                  Team Iphone 4EVER

Monday, June 6, 2011

WOOTD( Work Outfit of the Day)

Posing Cranky in the Morn!
Ok, so I'm not gonna lie, I am not a morning person at all! My mother described me as evil looking when I wake up all angry  and stuff. It's hard you know some people can do it naturally and then...there's me! So I woke up at 6am today...hey I'm a college this is an unholy hour to wake up to! Nonetheless I am proud to now be a part of a giant family, known as my dream hospital. I started work today and for the next two weeks I'll be swamped with paperwork and training. Although tiring I will be more than happy this entire summer. This is the place I have always dreamed about working at and now I'm here. I start small, but I will  leave with a bang. Hopefully, they will see the work I put in her along with my volunteer hours and etc. and when it comes down to me getting my bachelors they will choose me because I am one of their own. Maybe if I make a good enough impression they'll say..
THEM: Didn't you used to work here as a receptionist?
ME: Why yes I sure did!
THEM: I remember seeing you always smiling.
ME: *blush*
THEM: I see that you now have your nursing degree, since we already know you and you had such a great work ethic we are more than happy to rehire you!
ME: OMG Thank you so much!

~you get my drift! Anyway CYAAA!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5~OOTD & NYC Adventure

Hey guys! Whats up? So today after church I was supposed to go work out, but go invited to go to Dave & Buster and meet new friends with a friend of mine from church already.  So I tagged along and ended up going to Soho for the first time. Upon arriving I saw for the first time Central Park. Alas I did not go inside because I want to share my first experience with my sweet thang! So I will save that huge adventure for another time. We also ended up going to Hoboken and I was reading in the care when all of a sudden I glance up just in time to see...THE CAKE BOSS BAKERY! I immediately requested that we park and take a was closed because it was late, but still. My first time there in Hoboken as well and I enjoyed it. I love going to NYC!

I spend too many hours watching!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Full Figured Siren

   So I recently had an insecure moment about my body image. Living here in America it is extremely hard, especially when the world is screaming at you BE SKINNY. The media constantly streams to us that skinny girls get:
~Better Opportunities
~Don't have to work as hard
   Skinny girls are automatically pretty no matter what. They never have to stuff themselves in anytime of clothing. I don't know how they do it. I mean I ENJOY FOOD! Who doesn't, although those who have fast metabolisms don't count( I hate you guys! really). It is clear a journey of self love is needed not only for myself, but for other women as well. It is a constant struggle for us.
    The woman pictured here is the lovely Crystal Renn. She used to be 95 pounds when she first started off as a model. Currently though, she has been a plus sized model and working it!  I love the curves of this women..I don't think I have any! Recently she went to a size 8-10, but she still looks just as fab. My fat never falls in the right places..I wish. I seriously need to work on self...does that make me selfish?

Monday, May 2, 2011


   Pardon my abrupt cease in personal growth trust me it is not by choice. I'd rather grow personally then have to take my exams for the next two weeks! I'm so nervous about these exams and will be losing my life for the love of my courses. Just two more weeks of school and I can start a new summer for myself as a young adult finally! I will have a better job then before making a little bit more than I had while I was in school. I'm even going to work in my favorite hospital! I'm more than excited to start my job and look forward the the opportunities this will give to me. I'll be back don't worry..finals suck. For anyone in school no matter the major, you know exactly what I'm talking about! *Insert nursing book head slam*
                                                                                                             Lord help Me,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Confession Time: I Am Disappointed with Myself

I'm not sure what your thinking when you see this, but I must be honest with myself I am disappointed. I am at a point where I am saddened because I cannot have the things I desire in life. Sadly, these things are all materialistic. I hate to say this, but Daddy spoiled his little girl! I seem to always want things hoping that they will make me happy. It upsets me when I go to the mall and I leave with nothing weighing down my arm. I cannot buy things for myself because I do not have a job and am a hard working full-time student. I am not used to the big change that has taken over me. It's so hard and I will admit I stress over the fact that I can no longer get the things I want. Don't get me wrong in high school I did have a job and so I provided clothes and fun times for myself. I didn't really depend on my parents, and now in college I have to depend on them. I do not ask them for money because I feel guilty, whenever they do give me a little something it goes straight to the bank. Inside I feel like I'm dying of retail starvation. I walk into my favorite stores and resist temptation, but inside it's really starting to bug me. Needless to say that this will be the start of a new project, a working on myself and I'm excited to start. This project is called: How to Leave a Materialistic World. With the help of my older friends and the internet I hope I can start to see a change in myself, wish me luck!
                                                                                                             Sincerely XOXO,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspired by Mama Mia...The European Lifestyle

Week 3: Appreciate the small stuff!

   As Americans, I feel we tend to overestimate the basic needs. We think we need all of these materialistic things.  Anyway, you must resist the temptation to buy more and more and more until you've pretty much stuffed yourself, your family and friends, and your house until you just can't take anymore. After all, you know that most of the things you bought end up in the trash. Being in college I have learned to save money when I can and to only get what's completely necessary. I feel this should be enforced from a young age, this way when you get older in life you won't be so filled with debt and things you never needed. I'm not saying that every now and then a little something something is nice, but not every month! In fact, maybe you should just take care of what you need first and then save the change of what you saved from there can be applied to you. So, enjoy the small things in life, you never know how long you'll be there. 
                                     DB <3